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Feed Your Soul


Do you have a calling?

People with a Calling have a vision gifted to them by Source. It’s the thing that pulls you forward, keeps you up at night, makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning fully fired up and ready to go. It’s not the same as having a job. You can feel your passion running through your veins. The thing about a calling is that is calls you forward. You cannot ignore a calling. I often ask my clients ‘if it was the last day on earth and you looked back at your life, would you have any regrets? Is there something you haven’t done?’

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HI, I’m sally griffyn

A Spiritual Business Coach. I’m the founder of Millionaire Yogi Coaching, a Wiccan High Priestess, long time Yogi and Entrepreneur. I’m trained in Celtic healing traditions and I am what is known as a “Finder”. I didn’t experience an awakening as I was born awake. I channel information for my clients that would not normally be available to them. It’s a gift I have had since a child and am able to find information that suits each individual and causes breakthroughs in their life and business.

Like you, I have a calling and always knew deep within I was meant for more than a 9-5 job that would never allow me to be truly happy. It wasn’t until I travelled from England to India, climbed a sacred mountain, and meditated at a shrine in my early 20’s, that I experienced a download that altered my life. In simple terms I understood that happiness is a choice. I began feeding my dreams and taking intentional steps towards achieving my higher purpose. Then on a full moon night, I received another message that asked if I wanted to change my life, I said YES and my journey led me here. I transformed my life so I could help you do the same. My connection to Great Spirit informs everything I do, the choices I make, the paths I follow and I walk with trust in every step. This is how I teach my clients.



I have experience of over 25 years of running spiritual training groups in Wicca an ancient system of working with Sun, Moon and Seasons. We teach the Art of Perfect Timing, mapping out an aligned route of planned actions, step by step including when to sit back and marinate. It is the opposite of corporate life. We were not meant to be under stress and instead I help you level up your life and business in harmony with a healthy lifestyle, time for yourself and loved ones while creating million dollar businesses. The key elements of my work is helping you expand your consciousness and comfort zone. You will be more confident, clear and happy while levelling up and becoming a global influencer. My vision is to work with those here to help our beautiful planet, people and animals, to give back and walk softly on the Earth. Your abundance is essential in helping our planet so I help you to increase income and therefore your impact.

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Millionaire Yogi

Millionaire Yogi is where the peace and love of the spiritual world meet the fierceness of unstoppable entrepreneurship. I discovered how to expand the mind beyond the limits of what feels possible, remove limitations that keep us feeling stuck, and tap into a divine strategy based on The Wheel of the Year so you too can become a force to be reckoned with.